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Inbuilt App Lock

We don't like snoopers and we know so do you. Be free from the jeeves of the snoopies. Set a password on specific one-to-one or group chats to save it from people snooping on you.

Auto Delete Message

Tick Tock, set a timer on the messages you dock. Set a time limit on the messages, images and videos you send and it will get destroyed after the timer is over.

Ninja Message

Sharing your true opinions can be difficult sometimes in a group. Be a ninja and do not let them see you coming and share your true opinion and help your loved ones.


Current job not up to your standards. Join us.

Android Developer

UI-UX designers

Backend Engineers

Community Outreach


How it started !

  • November 2017

    A bulb goes on

    An idea is born in hopes of making a platform that can bring the real human conversation on a digital platform and bring freedom from the digital contrainsts of our world.

  • Februrary 2018

    An startup is formed

    Programmers, designers, product managers, influencers and hackers from different corners of India come together to form a company where the idea of bringing freedom to digital world can be executed.

  • March - November 2018

    Putting ideas to reality

    Working round the clock to bring the ideas to reality and testing out the ideas.

  • November 2018

    Ready alpha and Iteration begins

    The alpa version is ready and currently being used by hundreds of people. We are getting feedbacks and implementing the changes as soon as possible.

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The professionals

Vivek Kumar


IIT KGP dropout, Co-founder Intugine



IIT KGP Graduate

Viivi Vishnu


Ex-Designer @Lookup, @The Scalers, @Quiphs

Sagar Ramteke


EX-Intel,Ericson,Sasken| ILS

Ajay Sagar


Ex-Fancy Monk | IIT KGP dropout

Amit Tiwary

Android Developer

GSoC 2k18 mentor

Ravi Tej Kumar

Full Stack Developer


Alok Ranjan

Software Engineer

IIT Indore, Ex-Congnizant

Vijay Goel


Ex-Fidelity Investments | IIT KGP

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